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At Beaconhill, we blend a friendly, skilled team and pleasant surroundings with a personalized approach to provide our patients with the exceptional dental care services they deserve.

Our advanced treatment options and superior technology match our vision of excellence. We provide comprehensive dental care using state-of-the-art technology to deliver comfortable cosmetic and family dental services.

Beaconhill is more than a dental clinic; we build and enhance your confidence to go into the world and excel at everything you choose to do while creating for you, the perfect smile. What is the Beaconhill Smile? The Beaconhill Smile is ‘picture perfect confidence’ that says I believe in my abilities.
Everyone should have the Beaconhill smile. #Ihavethebeaconhillsmile Do you? “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid”

Our Core Values

Our values are embodied in the words, I-SMILE.

  • I – Innovation: We are pacesetters. We set the trend for others to follow
  • S – Service Excellence: We are committed to ensuring that we exceed the expectations of our clients. We have a passion for excellence.
  • M – Meticulousness: We pay attention to every detail. Your smile is unique.
  • I – Integrity: We will never renege on our promises. Our word is our bond.
  • L – Loyalty: Our clients are like family. We will stay loyal to you.
  • E – Ethics: We shall be ethical in our dealings with all customers, partners, employees, suppliers and the communities we serve. Your medical information will be kept in confidence

Our Vision

To become the model for quality dental care services in Africa.

Our Mission

  • To attract, motivate and develop a dynamic workforce.
  • To deliver highest quality of comprehensive dental care.
  • To exceed the expectations of our valued clients, leaving them with exceptional smiles.

What Our Patients Say

Dr. Uzo is amazing. I am happy with the braces. Perhaps more available time slots for appointments.

Matopeda Abiola., Frock it Ro‎ck it

Beaconhill smile clinic, a rare service company in Nigeria that gives you a world class feel in terms of treatment you receive. It has a welcoming ambience with friendly service delivery and they ensure you receive the best treatment, they can offer with follow up calls to monitor your health and improvements on treatments received.

Yetunde Laguda
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The First 7 Day Dental Practice in Africa. Available in both Victoria Island and Ikeja, 7 Days a Week.