Experts seek high standard of dental care as new clinic opens in Ikeja

Beaconhill urges Nigerians to undergo regular oral check up
In a bid to enable Nigerians access quality and affordable oral health services and mark the World Oral Day (WOD), Beaconhill Smile Clinic has opened another arm of the clinic in Ikeja, Lagos.

WOD, marked on March 20 every year, seeks to educate the public on benefits of a healthy mouth, create awareness on issues surrounding oral health and promote oral hygiene among people.

According to World Dental Federation (FDI), a consortium of dentists all over the world, 3.9 billion people around the world suffer from oral diseases, while experts revealed that 90 percent of Nigerians suffer from one form of oral disease or the other. Speaking at the official launching of the clinic in Ikeja, the Chief Executive Officer, Beaconhill Smile Clinic, Dr. Oluwaseun Akinbobola, raised concern over the level of attention placed on dental care in Nigeria, both from the policy makers and the patient, noting that most patients present late, which leads to severe oral health issue.


“Every single living human being is a dental patient and must see the dentist twice a year. Statistics have shown that people only visit the dentist when they have pain in the tooth, but we are trying to raise the standards to what we have in developed world, everybody in England for instance already have an appointment in six months time, probably because the insurance covers it. We hope Nigeria can get to that standard where the government plays a major role in providing health insurance for everyone,” he said.

Akinboba bemoaned the standard of dentistry in Nigeria, which he said has not benefitted the masses, adding that dental health should be included in the health insurance scheme, to enable people access dental care, just like in the developed countries.
“The policy makers should include dental benefits in insurance plans, they should create more awareness for dentistry and if it can be added to primary health possible it is good, because if you can see a doctor for annual medical check up, why can’t you have annual dental check up,” he added.

He, however, said the new clinic will enable Lagosians access regular dental care services, which will help in reducing oral diseases in the country. Stressing on late presentation by Nigerians, the Clinical Director, Beaconhill Smile Clinic, Jumoke Enahoro said most people go for oral health when the situation has entered the worst stage, while some resort to pulling out their teeth to get rid of the pains from the cavity, adding that awareness need to be created to improve the standard of oral health in the country.


“It is not until you have a tooth ache that you realize you have a dental problem, there are other minor things that start off little and end up big, even the tooth ache can be picked up at the very beginning before it becomes a big problem, losing teeth and sleepless night, tooth ache, we can pick many of those things right from the start that is why we advise people to come for regular dental check ups,” she added.

Speaking on the services rendered at the dental clinic, Enahoro said, preventive measures is the first point of action every Nigerian should imbibe, adding that sugary foods and substance should be avoided as it causes cavity and severe pains.

“When people take sugary diets without brushing their teeth immediately, it results to cavity and bacteria feast on it. Try to brush twice daily and see your dentist who can pick up those cavities early and reduce the frequency you consume sticky and sugary substance or food. The cleaning must be done to take out the dirt’s in the mouth because diets will always accumulate in the mouth and then build a regular routine for yourself, set each moth aside for yourself to go for regular dental or oral check up,” she added.


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